Little Bees

Little Bees – BIG impact! Around 30,000 immensely excited children and young people have taken part in the Bee in the City Learning Programme. ‘Colonies’ of little Bees, designed by local school children, youth groups and adult creative groups, are on display in venues across the city. The little Bees celebrate the ideas and creativity of the city’s fledgling artists. At the end of the trail each school or group will be able to keep their Bee and put it on display as a lasting legacy for their young people.

Unity in Diversity

Voice of Unity

Wacky the Waconian

Ways of Being Co-op

We Beelieve in ‘The best in Everyone’

Welly Bee-ing

What does the Bee mean for Me?

Will Bee

Willow Garden

Woody the Brentwood Bee

Wright Rob-Bee

Bee in the City 2018

Bee in the City 2018