Wild in Art Presents a Visual Art Showcase

The Details

Name: Wild in Art Presents a Visual Art Showcase

Location: Great Northern Warehouse, Wesley Barrell on Deansgate

Artists: Neil Lorenzo, Lizzie Rose Chapman, Sasha Ray Art, Jodie Silverman, Sonia Sharma


Wild in Art is fortunate to work with many talented artists on its art trails and projects. This visual art showcase features a collection of pieces created by Jodie Silverman, Lizzie Rose Chapman, Neil Lorenzo, Sonia Sharma and Sasha Ray Arts. For more information or to purchase any of the artist work, please contact them using the links below.

The Artist -Neil Lorenzo

Neil Lorenzo is a north west artist and paints and practices art whenever he can wherever that may be. His abstract paintings are environments of our environments. Find out more at artworkarchive.com/profile/neil-lorenzo or on his instagram @neil.lorenzo  

The Artist -Lizzie Rose Chapman

Lizzie Rose is a freelance artist from Manchester. Nature is an endless source of inspiration for Lizzie and shines through her artwork which ranges from colourful paintings full of pattern, to intricate linocut and screen prints to larger scale artworks for murals and sculptures in schools and community settings.  Lizzie is passionate about creating opportunities for Manchester’s young people to access the arts, as arts development manager at Gorse Hill Studios and Youth Arts Coordinator for the Trafford based charity, she facilitates art sessions for young people on the Alternative Creative Education provision encouraging re-engagement with learning, self-expression and empowerment through creativity. The work on display in 50 Windows is a tryptic from a series called 'Back in the Tall Grass, Where the Rapids Roar'. The inspiration for paintings came from the Artist innate need to roam free, explore and simply get lost in nature. The paintings are small idylls of the mind, places in which to retreat. Find out more at lizzierosedesign.co.uk or her work can be purchased direct from her Etsy shop Lizzie Rose Studio  

The Artist -Sasha Ray Art

Sasha Ray is renowned for her Manchester bee and music art and has art collectors worldwide. Her art is a combination of paintings, drawings, photography, and digital illustrations which form stunning montage art pieces that celebrate our city. Her art is filled with beautiful colours that inspire. Sasha's work is also exhibited in several Manchester city centre hotels. She is currently the resident artist at Hotel Brooklyn and takes bespoke commissions for both art collectors and the corporate and hospitality industry. Her latest MCR Lockdown bee collection comprises of photography taken at lockdown in the city centre adding to the vast collection of Manchester bees she has created. Sasha has 2 pieces included in the 50 Windows display, these are 'Champagne Supernova Oasis Bee'- for this piece of art she has merged photos taken in an empty Northern Quarter on a Saturday night during lockdown (the only person on the street was the Deliveroo biker). The abstract acrylic painting, and supernova photographs from NASA. 'Lockdown Neon Bee'- the artist took these photos on a Friday night at the height of lockdown. The streets were deserted across the city, bereft of night life, of gigs, festivals, clubs and theatres. The artist says "Manchester is a city of music and performance, maybe we will return to that one day soon. In the meantime I hope my Neon bee sparkles some hope and light. Stay safe out kid. Find out more at sasharayart.com

The Artist -Jodie Silverman

Jodie Silverman is a Manchester-based artist and art therapist. She works primarily in oil paint on canvas and specialises in narrative portraiture taking inspiration from the Pre Raphaelite era and Surrealist painters such as Leonora Carrington and Paula Rego. She has work in private collections worldwide and has been widely commissioned, including painting over 25 sculptures for Wild in Art sculpture trails. For our 50 Windows display Jodie is exhibiting a pair of paintings, entitled 'Window to the Soul'. The artist says of her work... "Primarily my work is driven by an innate curiosity about the human condition and a desire to understand people. An introvert by nature, I value the opportunity to foster authentic connections on a meaningful level. I am interested in the development of empathy and how listening and understanding can be used as a tool for change both on a personal and societal level. Portraiture is the perfect vehicle for this inquiry as it presents the opportunity to tell sorties and invites profound connections. My work is often allegorical containing a unique symbolism and metaphorical language which pertains to the inner experience of the subject. This is arrived at through a collaborative process with the sitter and informed by my training as an Art Therapist. Find out more at jodiesilverman.com

The Artist -Sonia Sharma

Since her childhood she has been interested in painting, dance, music & drama. “I always try to express my creativity in an artistic way in my passion which is paintings & Dance.” She is an IT tutor and a professional Bollywood dance instructor/choreographer/Zumba Instructor & Yoga trainer. She was involved in cow parade project & developed it into Cow and Shishu (calf). At the end of the project, the cows were auctioned to raise £2000 funds for charitable purposes. She has been involved in many creative projects. Festival of Manchester, Manchester Day Parade, Diwali Dashera & Manchester Mega Mela. Her aim is to contribute to personal and social development, and help people feel better and healthier. Her community participation is and will build on our core values and promote the role of diverse culture that plays at the heart of city life. For this exhibition Sonia has created a duo of paintings entitled 'Hope'. The first painting is called 'The Light of Hope'- this has a deep connection to the pandemic. The artist says: "People are scared, worried and missing their loved ones. It has changed everyone's lives all across the world. The restrictions and way of life has changed since COVID-19 has arrived. This is why the painting is called 'Hope' and its content presents a hope of everyone coming through this difficult time and a ray of light to endeavour". The work features over 100 languages. The second piece is titled 'Conquer from Within'- The artist is inspired by meditation, with a passion for dance and painting. This work gives different elements of elegance and an expression of the 7 chakras (7 colours) in a whole new light. "We want the freedom of the mind and the peace to oneself in all situations of life." To contact the artist email soniasim.sharma@googleemail.com

Bee in the City 2020

Bee in the City 2020