Walk Through The Wood

The Details

Name: Walk Through The Wood

Location: Manchester Museum

Artist: Kaper


This display is inspired by Manchester Museum’s collections and aims to celebrate our garden visitors and the creatures you may meet on a walk through the woods.

The Artist -Kaper

Kaper designs and makes paper sculptures, based on flowers and wildlife. Her favourite subject is birds. Her sculptures are made with hand printed papers. Each one is unique, with its own patterns and embellishments. Her sculptures are designed with strength in mind and are varnished with a UV protective lacquer, to protect them from harsh sunlight. Commissions are most welcome, from different arrangements of creatures and flowers, to completely new designs. Kaper is the business name of Kate Kelly, who has been making paper sculptures for 14 years. She lives in Manchester with her rescue parrots. Find out more at kapermenagerie.com  

Bee in the City 2020

Bee in the City 2020