This is me: CJTaylord Art

The Details

Name: This is me: CJTaylord Art

Location: Royal Northern College of Music

Artist: CJ Taylord


Christian’s window of creativity is inspired by Manchester and its Diversity, History and Music; Music and Colour. Christian’s diverse range of image interpretation and his unique way of using shadows and light, allow for a wide variety of exciting imagery.

The Artist -CJ Taylord

Based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, Christian has a passion for Colour and Striking Imagery. Christians’ meticulous and open-minded approach allows him to embody core imagery in an eye-catching, distinctive and inspiring way. Christian’s most well-known work in Manchester is the LGBTQ+ Queen Bee, from the Bee in the City Art trail in 2018 (located in Sackville Gardens). He is a self-taught artist who works tirelessly to create bespoke art work, whether it be designing his own iconic works or being commission by businesses and individuals across the world. Christian paints backwards on glass, and sets his art works in a box frame to make his work three dimension using light and shadows behind.

Bee in the City 2020

Bee in the City 2020