The Details

Name: Regrow

Location: Hobs Repro

Artist: Sneaky Raccoon


This year has been a challenge for all in so many different ways. Enjoying our gardens and nearby green spaces has enabled us to reflect on how we can better spend our time, both with each other and in nature. We have an opportunity to grow back stronger, together. We can regrow; as individuals, as communities and as a city. This artwork is inspired by the plants and flowers that was photographed while on walks around her neighbourhood, collaged together and depicted in a vibrant array of colours that reflects the sentiment of rewilding and regrowth.

The Artist -Sneaky Raccoon

Sneaky Raccoon is the artist name of Manchester-based freelance graphic artist, designer and art director Anna Mullin. Anna specialises in visual identity design, illustration for editorial and campaigns, infographics, bespoke typography and unique character design. She produces work that is highly crafted, visually refined and conceptually driven. Find out more at:

Bee in the City 2020

Bee in the City 2020