Queen Bee for Equality-Pankhurst

The Details

Name: Queen Bee for Equality-Pankhurst

Location: Corn Exchange, Cathedral Street

Artist: Mancsy


The people and events in the history of Manchester often inspire Mancsy’ work. Emmeline Pankhurst has featured in several pieces and stands as the queen bee of equality. While Pankhurst’s message was about suffrage we are mindful of the ongoing fight for equality in the world today. This piece playfully draws on the MCR aesthetic and spirit, that we are people to lead the way and do the right thing.

The Artist -Mancsy

Mancsy is an anonymous artist who has been giving away limited edition screenprints in a game of #finderskeepers on the streets of Manchester each month since January 2012 . An early adopter of the bee graphic with a nod to creativity in the city with a hazard stripe reference to the Factory aesthetic. The prints celebrate and share messages about Manchester and encourage a non art audience to play the game and enjoy looking around the city. Mancsy engages with the public via social media, supporting creative ideas and raising awareness and funds for others. Find out more at: mancsy.co.uk

Bee in the City 2020

Bee in the City 2020