The Details

Name: People

Location: No. 1 Canal Street

Artist: Guy McKinley


When Guy heard that the whole concept was window based he immediately thought of beautiful colourful stained glass windows of the past. Colour is a constant in his work, he finds people react to it in a more immediate and emotional way. With the design, instead of holding up the saints or gods of the past, he felt making this a celebration of humans in all their guises of the present was more important. So hopefully those two things will combine to make something positive to those that view it.

The Artist -Guy McKinley

Guy is a freelance illustrator/concept artist/painter who has been involved in lots of diverse projects relying on his strong use of colour and character work. Mixing hand drawn & digital techniques to produce some striking imagery, used in editorials, pre-production animation concepts, character design and more commercial images for promotional and advertising campaigns. Guy has also been taken part in live exhibitions and gallery shows with his more personal paintings and illustrative work. Find out more at

Bee in the City 2020

Bee in the City 2020