No One is Illegal

The Details

Name: No One is Illegal

Location: HOME, Tony Wilson Place

Artist: Tara Collette


‘No one is illegal’ is a direct provocation against the treatment of non-white and non-western people and groups, not only in the UK also in other western democracies. People seeking political refuge, communities escaping oppression, families travelling thousands of miles for a better life – all should be valued and treated at the very least, like the goods we import.

The Artist -Tara Collette

Tara Collette is a Manchester-based artist, who works predominantly with textiles. She focuses on producing large-scale banners to deliver bold and provocative messages that address social and personal issues. Recent works include 'We're going to Big Tesco's' in collaboration with David Bailey, 'Unhappy Meal' and 'Greggs' for which she was awarded first prize at Warrington Contemporary Open. Tara continues to pursue the skewed justification for unpaid internships and speculative work within the creative industries.  Find out more at

Bee in the City 2020

Bee in the City 2020