Manchester City Football Clubs 20/21 Home Shirt

The Details

Name: Manchester City Football Clubs 20/21 Home Shirt

Location: Classic Football Shirts, Deansgate

Artist: Mark Kennedy


Mark has created a replica of the 20/21 premiere league season by the players of manchester city football club. Puma shirt designers have created the shirt as a homage to the work i have done around the etihad stadium the city football academy and the northern quarter of the town centre.

The Artist -Mark Kennedy

Mark Kennedy is a Mancunian born in Adwick Manchester in 1965. Mark was rubbish at school and spent most of his time looking out of the window at the green fields and canals wishing he could be free. School was a particularly violent place and that was just the teachers never-mind his fellow pupils. Year after year he dropped classes. The only redeeming factor was he excelled at art. Upon leaving school mark ventured out in the world of unemployment. In the words of Morrissey he was looking for a job then he found a job and heaven knows he was miserable now. After years of drifting and playing music mark lived in Madrid for several months where he watched an artist smashing plates and sticking them on a wall. Upon his return to olde blighty he spent some years wearing a purple dress and shaved off his curly locks and became a buddha in bonnie Scotland where he immersed himself in the art of iconography. Whilst asleep one night in a dream the Tibetan saint Milarepa appeared and told mark he must return to his hometown and break tiles and create a story to inform his fellow Mancunians and people worldwide about what made Manchester the centre of the universe..AND ON THE SIXTH DAY GOD CREATED MANCHESTER... Find out more at:

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