The Details

Name: Enigma

Location: Next to BAB NQ, Little Lever St

Artist: Akse


The mural is a portrait of Ste Wing, a born and bred Mancunian who like myself has Vietnamese origins. With over a decade of industry experience across fashion, sportswear, styling and culture, Ste is the creative director and co-founder of global creative agency Visionarism. His passionate drive behind giving back to the city of Manchester, has seen him mentor and offer the younger creatives from the city a platform for them to showcase their skills and visions onto a global scale, as well as working alongside mental health charities, which is a cause close to his heart.

A video on his work and his inspiration:

The Artist -Akse

Akse is a street artist based in Manchester UK and has been painting murals since 1992. Akse grew up in Paris' suburbs and moved to Manchester in 1997. Akse started as a Graffiti artists and naturally developed as a Street Artist with an emphasis on photorealistic portraiture over the last 15 years. Akse most known portraits include David Bowie, Heisenberg, Tony Wilson, George Floyd and Ian Curtis, all painted in Manchester's Northern Quarter. To find out more visit akse-p19.com

Bee in the City 2020

Bee in the City 2020