Beyond Diagnosis There Is a Full Moon

The Details

Name: Beyond Diagnosis There Is a Full Moon

Location: Castlefield Gallery, Hewitt Street

Artist: George Gibson and Izzy Kroese


Are your problems real come sunrise? Are your aches? Are you? Beyond Diagnosis There Is a Full Moon is a cyclical scroll, printed using traditional methods on bookbinding leathercloth. Turned each day by the gallery team to reveal and repeat thoughts and processes, he work attempts to mythologise themes of menstrual wellness and disability, using pop cultural references from coming-of-age films such as Ginger Snaps (2000) and reworked medieval woodcuts.

The Artist -George Gibson and Izzy Kroese

George Gibson is a bookmaker interested in using print to expand digital imagery, analyse pop culture moments and archive lost webpages. Gibson has recently been focused on how alternative communities can be surrounded by absurdity and hysteria, alongside sincerity and support. Izzy Kroese is an artist, writer and curator. At the moment, they are interested in LGBT histories. Rather than positioning themselves as a historian, they take more of a fan-like approach to their research. This research is often finalised either in print or online. Kroese and Gibson are both based in Manchester, UK, working both solo and collaboratively. Find out more at and

Bee in the City 2020

Bee in the City 2020