The BeeHolder

The Details

Name: The BeeHolder

Designed and decorated by: Cundall Light4.

Sponsor: Whitecroft Lighting

Design Inspiration

This design explores the symbolism of Manchester’s bees; the spirit of productivity and ambition. Within the eyes of this Bee you see a reflection of yourself because… you are Manchester. The deep black body evokes a sense of the decline of the bee population; an absence; a void. The lighting and purple hues inform us of how the bee’s vision is different to our own; shifted towards the UV spectrum.

Whitecroft Lighting, a Manchester based business, is one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of commercial lighting solutions. A market leader with over 75 years of experience, it continues to innovate and drive the development of energy efficient lighting and control systems for some of the UK’s largest public and private sector construction projects.

The Artist -Cundall Light4

Cundall Light4 is a lighting design group, delivering light art, luminaire designs and lighting installations across many sectors; including galleries, museums, hotels, retail, workplaces and landscape. They are located at the heart of Manchester city centre and have recently re-furbished their office to reflect the notion of the Manchester Bee. @Cundall_global

Bee in the City 2020

Bee in the City 2020