The Details

Name: Shellbee

Designed and decorated by: Lauren Mullarkey with Chris Emerson, Chris Ball, Christian McGrath, Jean Barrett, Stevie Williams and children, young people, staff and volunteers at the Trust

Sponsor: The Seashell Trust/Laltex Group

Design Inspiration

Created by Artist Lauren Mullarkey in collaboration with children, students, staff and volunteers. Special thanks to Chris Emerson, Chris Ball, Christian McGrath, Jean Barratt and Stevie Williams.

Inspired by the young people the Seashell Trust works with, this sensory Bee has super powers! Watch her light up with delight as she sees you approaching. Touch her coat and this Bee won’t sting. Trigger a symphony of soundzzz and go away buzzing. Meet Shellbee – the friendliest bee on the planet.

This charity is dedicated to providing a creative, happy and secure environment for children and young adults with complex and severe learning disabilities, including those with little or no language abilities. With the expertise of specialist teachers and care staff, students learn to express themselves, engage with the world around them, become more independent and live creative and fulfilling lives.

Bee in the City 2020

Bee in the City 2020