The Details

Name: Gravit-Bee

Designed and decorated by: Lauren Buffery

Sponsor: Wild in Art

Design Inspiration

Bees are renowned explorers, usually travelling up to two miles (3km) from the hive to seek out pollen; although they have been observed foraging twice, or even three times further from ‘home’. A strong colony flies the equivalent distance of the earth to the moon every day! To reflect this, Lauren’s design is dedicated to one of the pioneers of space travel, Buzz Aldrin.

Wild in Art is one of the leading creative producers of spectacular, mass-appeal public art events, which connect businesses, artists and communities through the power of creativity and innovation. 2018 marks ten years since Wild in Art was founded and what better way to mark this milestone than an event in the organisation’s home city, Manchester.


Bee in the City 2020

Bee in the City 2020