The Details

Name: Distiller-bee

Designed and decorated by: Laura-Kate Chapman.

Sponsor: Manchester Gin

Design Inspiration

It’s official- gin is very ‘in’! A sophisticated and complex spirit, its distinctive taste is always based on juniper berries but flavour variations are created with a careful balance of botanicals. The juniper is the ‘canvas’ for the other botanicals to bring to life. A distinctive, natural display of herbs, spices, roots and fruits – including dandelion and burdock, liquorice, thyme and lemon balm, wrap themselves decoratively around the Bee.

The award-winning Manchester Gin comes from a small, independent distillery located in the city centre, producing the fl nest gins that are traditionally distilled in copper column stills. Contemporary in style, each bottle is lovingly handcrafted by Seb and Jen, a couple who met and fell in love in the heart of Manchester.

The Artist -Laura-Kate Chapman

Manchester born Laura-Kate has been running her own freelance illustration business, Laura-Kate Draws, since 2009. She works on a variety of commissioned projects, has developed a range of illustrated gifts, and hosts illustration and screen print workshops across the North West. Her work is predominantly hand drawn and painted, often involving intricate detail and lots of animals. http://www.laura-katedraws.co.uk @LauraKateDraws

Bee in the City 2020

Bee in the City 2020

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