The Details

Name: Bee-YOU-ti-ful

Designed and decorated by: Lois Cordelia.

Sponsor: Adoption Counts

Design Inspiration

Adoption is life-changing – for adoptive parents as for children. This Bee celebrates the power of adoption to transform a child1s life into a world full of love, creativity, individuality and imagination. Coco Chanel once wrote: “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” Even the word ‘beautiful’ contains its own instruction: ‘Bee-YOU-ti-ful’. Follow your heart, make a bee-line for the things you love – just like a bee flies to nectar.

Adoption Counts is a collaborative adoption agency, bringing together the specialist skills of five local authorities from across Greater Manchester and Cheshire to deliver adoption services of the highest quality. Adoption is life changing and they aim for excellence in all that they do to ensure that families and children are happy and empowered throughout their adoption journey.

The Artist -Lois Cordelia

Lois Cordelia is an artist and illustrator based in Ipswich. She works in diverse styles, including energetic speed-painting, intricate paper-cutting, and mixed media sculpture. She most often creates her art live in public and welcomes the opportunity to talk with people while she works. Her work has featured in a number of other Wild in Art trails. @LoisCordelia

Bee in the City 2020

Bee in the City 2020