Bee Unique

The Details

Name: Bee Unique

Designed and decorated by: Qubek

Sponsor: Longsight Buzz / Great Places Housing Group / One Manchester

Design Inspiration

Qubek is a graffiti artist whose iconic bee mural can be seen in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Children from Stanley Grove Primary Academy were asked to think about what makes them, and Longsight, unique. The artist used their drawings as his inspiration and produced a design bursting with colour. The humble bee and the planet, the world and the many communities living here side by side, embracing their ever-changing world. Unique.

Longsight Buzz represents the wonderful coalition of schoolchildren, residents, housing associations, councillors and community groups whose efforts brought this Bee to Longsight. The generous support of the Bangladeshi Women’s Organisation, Waddle Taylor Bryan, Royal Travel and the Mazaa restaurant are gratefully acknowledged.

Bee in the City 2020

Bee in the City 2020