The Details

Name: Bee-longing

Designed and decorated by: Neequaye working with the Rainbow Haven Community

Sponsor: Rainbow Haven. Bee funded by the NHS

Design Inspiration

The butterflies in this design are a symbol of migration and mirror the movement of people around the globe. The rainbow is a symbol of hope and echoes the fact that it is a safe and welcoming place. The heart in the Bee’s eyes reflects the comfort, kindness and warmth shown at Rainbow Haven and by the people of Manchester and beyond.

Rainbow Haven provides a place of welcome, support and opportunity for displaced people from many countries, who have fled war and human rights abuses to seek sanctuary in the UK. Supported by an incredible team of volunteers it offers advice and information, destitution support, sport, social events, hot meals, English classes and a work club.

Bee in the City 2020

Bee in the City 2020