The Details

Name: AuBee

Designed and decorated by: Hydro Monkeys

Sponsor: Virgin Trains

Design Inspiration

Au is the chemical symbol for gold, the colour of champions. Stunning in its simplicity, AuBee reflects the culture, community and atmosphere of a city famous for leading the way. Bee number 1. Fly high. Set new standards. Make an impact and never be afraid to challenge. You can ‘bee’ what you want to ‘bee’.

Virgin Trains has been proud to serve the people of Manchester since 1997, introducing faster and more frequent trains. You can now buzz down to London in just over two hours, with departures every 20 minutes. That’s almost 50 services a day! They employ over 700 people on the route and in 2017 five million journeys were made with Virgin Trains to and from Piccadilly.

Bee in the City 2020

Bee in the City 2020