Sonia Sharma

Since her childhood she has been interested in painting, dance, music & drama. “I always try to express my creativity in an artistic way in my passion which is paintings & Dance.” She is an IT tutor and a professional Bollywood dance instructor/choreographer/Zumba Instructor & Yoga trainer.
She was involved in cow parade project & developed it into Cow and Shishu (calf). At the end of the project, the cows were auctioned to raise £2000 funds for charitable purposes.

She has been involved in many creative projects. Festival of Manchester, Manchester Day Parade, Diwali Dashera & Manchester Mega Mela.
Her aim is to contribute to personal and social development, and help people feel better and healthier. Her community participation is and will build on our core values and promote the role of diverse culture that plays at the heart of city life.

For this exhibition Sonia has created a duo of paintings entitled ‘Hope’. The first painting is called ‘The Light of Hope’- this has a deep connection to the pandemic. The artist says: “People are scared, worried and missing their loved ones. It has changed everyone’s lives all across the world. The restrictions and way of life has changed since COVID-19 has arrived. This is why the painting is called ‘Hope’ and its content presents a hope of everyone coming through this difficult time and a ray of light to endeavour”. The work features over 100 languages. The second piece is titled ‘Conquer from Within’- The artist is inspired by meditation, with a passion for dance and painting. This work gives different elements of elegance and an expression of the 7 chakras (7 colours) in a whole new light. “We want the freedom of the mind and the peace to oneself in all situations of life.”

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Bee in the City 2020

Bee in the City 2020