Sasha Ray Art

Sasha Ray is renowned for her Manchester bee and music art and has art collectors worldwide. Her art is a combination of paintings, drawings, photography, and digital illustrations which form stunning montage art pieces that celebrate our city. Her art is filled with beautiful colours that inspire.

Sasha’s work is also exhibited in several Manchester city centre hotels. She is currently the resident artist at Hotel Brooklyn and takes bespoke commissions for both art collectors and the corporate and hospitality industry. Her latest MCR Lockdown bee collection comprises of photography taken at lockdown in the city centre adding to the vast collection of Manchester bees she has created.

Sasha has 2 pieces included in the 50 Windows display, these are ‘Champagne Supernova Oasis Bee’- for this piece of art she has merged photos taken in an empty Northern Quarter on a Saturday night during lockdown (the only person on the street was the Deliveroo biker). The abstract acrylic painting, and supernova photographs from NASA. ‘Lockdown Neon Bee’- the artist took these photos on a Friday night at the height of lockdown. The streets were deserted across the city, bereft of night life, of gigs, festivals, clubs and theatres. The artist says “Manchester is a city of music and performance, maybe we will return to that one day soon. In the meantime I hope my Neon bee sparkles some hope and light. Stay safe out kid.

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Bee in the City 2020

Bee in the City 2020