DIY tours

Take a Detour with a Bee Tour

Here are some ideas for putting together your own self-guided walks so you can get involved in the buzz around Bee in the City. You can also see a list of organised walks and tours in our events section.

Bee in the City DIY tours

Bee an explorer. Pick up a map, download the app so you can track your trail and fly off around the city. There are a number of cluster colonies of Bees so you can spread your Bee hunting adventures across a number of days.

Metrolink offers a Family Travelcard for just £6.70 which covers 93 stops across Greater Manchester.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Piccadilly, Ancoats and the Northern Quarter

Look out for the Hallé connection to the church of St Peter’s in Cutting Room Square, find out what Dave draws at Piccadilly Station, and wander through the cool streets of the Northern Quarter checking out the food on offer at the independent bars and cafes. Explore the stunning street art and wall murals, including Qubek’s famous bee mural at the Koffee Pot. Pick up unique and individually crafted gifts at Manchester Craft Centre and find the fashionista’s favourite bee, Honey Boo, in one of the city’s historic squares.

The Medieval Quarter to St Ann’s Square

Fly in to Victoria Station and then start some serious collecting with the colony of bees that have landed in this historic medieval centre of Manchester. The National Football Museum, Manchester Cathedral and Gardens, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols are all buzzing with clues. Decide for yourself whether the stained glass of Chetham’s Library’s historic Library is inspired by Bees. Buzz by the Corn Exchange for a bite to eat and a get yourself a t-shirt from the Bee in the City shop. Don’t leave its domed splendour without an ‘As you were’ in your best Manc accent to Liam Gallagher’s  ROCK ‘N’ ROLL Bee. Walk on to St Ann’s Square with its 18th century church, take in the majesty of the Royal Exchange building and pay due respect to the Queen Bee holding court. More drama unfolds in the Royal Exchange theatre with a leading role from Shellbee, a multi-sensory marvel deserving of a standing ovation.


King Street, Deansgate, Spinningfields and Castlefield

If you need some serious retail therapy, a historic library or a glass of wine to speed you on your way then there are plenty of distractions and some amazing Bees on this route. You will find a wealth of architectural gems for your Instagram feed, Bees inspired by great Spanish artists, and tapas bars inspired by Barcelona. You can also go celeb spotting for some Corrie superstars and world famous football managers.

Cross over Deansgate for some window-shopping and hunt for a Bee at Manchester’s oldest department store, hover around a one hundred year old library and find out which Manchester Bee wants to be adored. Settle into a Bee garden at Manchester’s world-class Science and Industry Museum before heading to the canal side. Benny the rambler Bee can point you in the direction of some new walking boots if you are all blistered out and the delightful selection of bars and a piece of Roman history await you as you take a well-deserved rest. If you find yourself in this part of town check out Bee-vina McCall and take part in Well Pharmacy’s Feel Good Fridays.


Manchester Town Hall, Central Library, Manchester Art Gallery and the Bridgewater Hall

This is Manchester’s civic heart. Not only will you find a collection of monumentally beautiful historic listed buildings, but also space and seating to have a picnic and map out the Bees. Work at finding Bees in Manchester Art Gallery’s Pre-Raphaelite collection; don’t miss the Reading Room and the chance to write your own story at Central Library. Look to the future with Buzzi, the augmented reality Bee. Wing it with kELzo’s Poet’s Corner and set your trail to music at the Bridgewater Hall with Buzzwig van Bee-thovan. Bring on the delegates and bring on the Bling Bee at Manchester Central.


Oxford Road, Sackville Park, The University Corridor, Manchester Museum and the Whitworth

Check out the time at the Principal Hotel clock with the help of its Bee numerals. Learn more about Alan Turing and his legacy in the iconic streets of Manchester’s Gay Village. Cool off and strike out with your best front crawl at The Aquatics Centre and get a Bee-minder about the city’s Olympic greats. Wander into the park at All Saints and find Manchester Metropolitan University’s To Bee or not To Bee, highlighting the university’s great creative writing and the poet laureate on the staff list.

Feel the love and reward yourself with a discount at the Milk and Honey Café next to the Love Bee at St Peter’s Chaplaincy. Walk like an Egyptian into the Quadrangle at Manchester Museum and find a very old mummy and Sylvia, a new species of tree frog. Wander through the university campus to find a Science Park, Nobel Prize-winners, atom splitters and a graphene-inspired future. Find things are Not too Shab-bee at the Whitworth, come and share your textiles and become a Young Contemporary.

Bee in the City outside the City

There are delightful colonies of Community Bees in the North, South and East of the city as well as the Etihad campus and HSBC UK National Cycling Centre, and even by the waterside at Media City. Once you have exhausted the city centre Bees, hop on a Metrolink tram, pick up a bus or jump on a bike and add these amazing Bees to your collection.

Bee in the City 2018

Bee in the City 2018