Doing the Waggle Dance

The Details

Name: Doing the Waggle Dance

Designed and decorated by: Judith Berrill.

Sponsor: The Co-operative Bank

Design Inspiration

Bees have clever ways of working together to feed and protect each other, maintain the hive and guard the colony. The waggle dance is one way the scout bees help the others find food – the livelier and longer the dance, the better the feast! Continuing the theme of co-operation, the beehive design references Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers.

Worker bees collectively ‘do the waggle dance’; signalling where food is to others. Like bees, The Co-operative Bank works with its customers and local communities to make a positive difference. As a proud Manchester based bank, with roots dating back to the Co-operative Wholesale Society in 1872, it’s committed to the values and ethics which remain important to its customers.

The Artist -Judith Berrill

Judith has been an active artist for over 30 years since qualifying with a Fine Art degree from the University of Leeds. She has worked in various guises - book illustrator, set designer, painter and graphic designer. She has enjoyed sell-out exhibitions of her most recent work of topographical paintings based on maps and the paths of her countryside hikes. @judithberrill

Bee in the City 2020

Bee in the City 2020